Guest Post: Indoor Cycling- A Great Way To Get In Shape For Summer!!

Hi friends!! I am so excited for todays Guest Blogger! Lara is here to tell us about Spinning! As a former spin instructor, I have great respect for this lady!

Indoor cycling: a great way to get in shape for summer!

Hi! I’m Lara! I live in Dallas with my hubby, cat and three kids. I blog about fitness, food, family and (knitting) fiber. I’m guest posting here at Kathy’s request. She said I could write about anything I want.

Anything. I. Want. Talk about freedom!

My topic of choice is indoor cycling.

I work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, teaching a variety of classes including bootcamp, step, body sculpt, bosu, core training and indoor cycling. And I have to tell you, my hands-down-favorite are the classes I teach on the bike.


*great music; for me, music can make or break a workout. A strong beat and lyrics I can sing along with make the time fly (sometimes I have my class do karaoke!)

  • the energy of others; hearing my classmates grunting, groaning and singing out loud motivates me to work harder and longer (gotta keep up with that fit girl in the corner!)
  • variety; a good instructor will lead a variety of drills, including sprints, climbs, high tension jogs and even some upper body work, keeping things interesting from the warmup right through the cool down
  • multi-level; since riders are in charge of their own bike’s tension, a spinning class can accommodate both fitness newbies and cycling veterans (if you’re new, try to arrive a few minutes early to get help with bike setup)
  • there is no choreography; even though I teach step class, I love taking a break from patterns and the phrasing of the music. Without choreography, I can focus all my energy on keeping my heart rate elevated
  • extreme calorie burn; I wear a heart rate monitor and typically burn 700 calories or more in a 50 minute class; that’s at least 200 more than during an hour long step class
  • co-ed classes; I love seeing men (especially the really fit ones) in group fitness class. While they tend not to participate in aerobics classes, they flock to indoor spinning. Enough said.

Still not convinced?

Indoor cycling is a fantastic way to tighten your legs, core and butt and with swimsuit season just around the corner, what have you got to lose?

Do you spin?

If so, tell me your favorite songs to spin to; I need ideas for a new playlist!

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