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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Sometimes life gets in the way. I haven’t run in over a week; doctor’s orders until he gets my sacrum rotated back into place.

“How does my sacrum get rotated out of place”, I asked?

“It could have been that way for a long time and you are just now getting enough pinching of your L4-L5 from being out of alignment that it is causing the nerves running to your hamstrings to produce symptoms, or else you stepped in a hole the wrong way while running, or maybe it was one of your crashes into a tree”, he replies.

My jury is still out on any of this, but I am doing what he tells me, and giving the therapy a chance to work. I will take the rest of December off from running, focusing on my swimming and biking instead.

Tuesday, in celebration of my birthday, I did a 47-mile bike ride with a few friends, and my son. We road 1 mile for every year old I am. I was thrilled being in the great company of Christina Smith – a pro-rider for Rouse Bicycles, Ricky Bobby – our semi adopted son who just got a scholarship to ride for Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Daniel – always willing to humor his mom and drag her around on his wheel, and my friend Pattie – the new women’s wrestling coach at Lewisville High School and along for the ride. The weather was perfect in the mid 70’s, and the first day of winter promised to be one of the very best! It was, and the ride was awesome.

Wednesday at my master’s swim session, Coach Tom had us finish our workout with a 100-yard sprint for time. I did a 1:10 from the wall, my fastest to date with him. After a long layoff from the early days of triathlons in the 80s, and a brief 6 month training period for an off-road ironman in the early 2000’s, I have been swimming consistently now for just under 2 years with Coach Tom. I am happy with my progress in times, especially given my limited time to swim of 3 days a week, for an hour at a time. He is prepping me for a mile swim for time the week after Christmas, so that we have a base line going into the last 4 months of training before the World Championship race in Spain.

Today, Thursday, was a day off from training, but a long, day of waiting at the hospital. My husband, Scott, had a back fusion of L4-L5. That is one heck of a surgery and not one I would wish on anyone. He has one of the best surgeons in America, and everything went great. There is a lot more to it than this, but they went in the front side of his body first, to replace the center of the disk and fill it with bone morphogenic protein and cadaver bone into a titanium cage, and then they flip you over and go in through the back with screws to fixate the spine. It will be a road to recovery in the coming days, weeks and months, but we both look forward to a much better quality of life because clinically, he will be more flexible and able to do more rehabilitation without all the pain he had before. Scott had the best possible team of surgeons working on him today, and great support from our family and friends who surrounded his hospital bed before they rolled him into the surgery room, as our neighbor Ray said a prayer. We are truly blessed.

Scott says I should bring my indoor trainer to the hospital and ride a few hours during the day; he is of course, under the influence of a morphine drip right now. Just so you know, I have no intention of actually doing this. However, I wouldn’t put it pass me to do a few hundred pushups or sit-ups in my rollaway bed here in his awesome hospital suite over the next day or two, should I get bored of my 40-hours of online continuing education I have to complete before year-end to renew my CPA license.

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