About Us

Scott and Kathy Hudson live in the Dallas suburb of Highland Village and are excited at the opportunity to carry on the great events of Terra Firma. You may recognize Kathy more easily as Kathy Duryea since she and Scott were recently married. Both Scott & Kathy were expert mountain bike racers in the 90’s with Kat moving on to compete in the NORBA National and World Cup Circuits as a Professional. After several top 10 finishes, including a Bronze medal at the World Championships, Kathy retired and began running & riding just for fun. She and Scott naturally took up adventure racing, winning the State Championship Series Title 3 times, as well as a National Championship. Naturally, Kathy went on to compete in the Primal Quest in addition to several other well known expedition length races.

Kathy, a CPA by trade, has always had the desire to work in a more outdoor related business and Terra Firma is a perfect fit. Their long time relationship with Troy presented the opportunity and also promises to make for a smooth transition. They have a wealth of experience and the ability to make Terra Firma promoted sports bigger and better than ever…and that’s just want they plan to do.